This is a short summary of the most important companies and projects in my professional career. If you are interested in working with me, I can generally be reached at, though I'm currently fully booked.

Reciprocity Inc.

2017 - current

I'm currently doing contractual work for Reciprocity Inc. on their ZenGRC app.


2016 - 2017

At United.Cloud, I was involved in development of a smart TV app that was part of a new IPTV platform. It was a standard interface with features expected on a modern TV such as viewing live channels, reading EPG, streaming VoD content etc. Because it had to be multiplatform, we implemented it as a JavaScript app based on Vue.js with the addition of a few official modules (vuex, vue-router). I was one of the most senior team members responsible for a lot of technical/architectural decisions. The application has been in production for a while under the EON brand.


2015 - 2016

Celtra is a multinational company that specialises in mobile advertising. As a member of the awesome Dashboard team I helped develop part of Celtra's AdCreator platform, an interactive dashboard interface (think Google Analytics) for ad management. Most of the application was written in CoffeeScript and based on Backbone with some parts in Vue.

Astina (later Origammi)

2013 - 2015

I spent two years at Astina (which became Origammi after a merger), a Swiss-Slovenian software company. I worked as a front-end developer on the Ljubljana team, covering projects of various sizes, mostly built with Symfony2. My work consisted of design implementation (SASS, custom structure based on SMACSS, different frameworks depending on project requirements), RIA development (based on AngularJS), asset pipeline management (Grunt configurations) and occasional UX tasks (prototyping).


2012 - 2013

Goclick is a Slovenian web advertising company and one of the biggest Google AdWords resellers in Southeast Europe. They employed me as a web programmer with the intent to perform previously outsourced development in-house. The work mainly consisted of designing structure and implementing design for medium-sized websites. Software used varied depending on project and included Jekyll, Drupal, Ubercart and Shopify.



Slidemotion was a startup that offered a service for simple automated creation of video slideshows from Facebook photo albums based on likes and comments. I developed the client-side of the web application that was the primary user interface for the service using jQuery and Facebook SDK for JavaScript.

Radio Študent

2011 - 2012

At Radio Študent, I was the lead developer on the project of a major website overhaul. Since it was done mostly voluntarily, the process took over a year and posed many challenges. We needed to consider the workflow of over 150 active contributors, design a sensible structure for a large amount of daily produced content on various topics and implement custom functionalities to cover specifics of the working process.

On the technological side, we used Drupal 7 and a bunch of modules that allowed us to (among other things):

Fora d.o.o.

2007 - 2011

Fora developed an entire IPTV platform called Perception, of which I helped develop software that ran on set-top boxes for end-users. These devices ran a browser, so everything was created using standard front-web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and a sprinkle of proprietary APIs for stream-playing functionality. We developed a TV interface that was a large asynchronous one-page web application.